Flower Power: A weekend spent happily in the dirt

It’s not quite Mother’s Day yet, but since we’re now in South Jersey, spring planting can begin a bit ahead of the standard schedule.  Having an unusual weekend off (or what I continually fantasize is a normal weekend for other people), we headed for the nursery to get a jump on spring planting.

This year, I had a plan. I pre-counted all the pots I had, including the planters that sit on the deck railing, and I had color scheme for both the pansies planned for the planters and the geraniums planned for the pots.  What I hadn’t planned for was the husband.

  1. The husband loves an annual plant that wasn’t in my plan. Coleus.
  2. He loves tons of different colors. I was going for a new, coordinated look.
  3. He adores using coupons.  I wanted the expensive variety of pansies off coupon.

The good news is that the weather was overcast yesterday and perfect for planting.  I largely kept to my plan, but compromised with alternating boxes of color-coordinated, yet varied pansies.  I stuck to my guns for the expensive variety of pansies, because I do believe it makes a difference.  I found spots for his beloved coleus. It gets showy by the end of the summer, but at worst it will take over my gerber daisies. At best, it will grow over where the daisies fail to thrive.

And yet again, I’ve re-learned:

  • Color matter
  • Plants matter
  • Scent matter
  • The time and money in short-lived annuals are worth it because the result is so wonderful.

The  flowers already make me happier and have put me a summer frame of mind.  That includes looking forward to visitors to share the new floral scents coming from my geraniums, enjoying the sun sets off the deck, and sipping wine.  Open invitation. Come on down!